Friday, February 28, 2014


Those catnip infused cardboard scratching boxes are great, but they wear out quite quickly. Plus, they attract dust like a magnet and if I put catnip on them, I have to spend 10 minutes picking the dust off before adding catnip. But the girls like them and, occasionally, I'll see one of them resting on the ones we have right now. It is time, however, to replace them and I decided to look for sturdier.

If one types "cat scratchers" into a search engine, hundreds, thousands of hits come up. Some items I wouldn't allow near any cat. Some items don't justify a $50 price tag. I tend to shop with a company I know and have had experience with. If something is on sale, so much the better. For this search, I found myself poking about in They had a huge sale and I found something I think will be appreciated, in time. It arrived on Wednesday.

I didn't realize there would be some assembly to it. I should have. When you see the finished product, how could I expect that it would be shipped in one unit. Fortunately, it's just two pieces and the screw to assemble along with the allen wrench to do the assembly, were included.

So here's a question for you. I have accumulated a number of allen wrenches. How do I know the size? I think keeping these would be a good idea since one never knows when one might need these, particularly this one if the girls get to attacking the post as I'd like them to. This part might come loose. I'm thinking I should mark on this, somewhere, which wrench this is for and the size. I'm not sure how to do this. Suggestions?

Anyway, this scratching unit is two pieces, the half-moon piece and a small tower with dangling balls which will attempt to encourage play.

The tower just screwed onto the base. The carpet on the base is very soft and the half moon has a nice, sturdy, sisal covering that I'm hoping is attractive to scratching. Here it is, assembled and sitting on the floor next to the printer box which I thought would be attractive but hasn't been used in a couple of months.

As I have limited floor space in the living room, I'm cutting down the printer box this weekend and recycling it. Perhaps it was too big. Given that Pilchard likes the coziness of the laundry basket in my bedroom, there could be an argument made for the sheer size of the printer box being a deterrent to its being used. And then, when she investigated the box the scratching piece came in ...

she had a great time digging in the floor of it. It really is purrfectly Pilchard (or Mija for that matter) size.

I can safely recycle the printer box and know they won't be traumatized by having no boxes to play in. I tipped this over onto its side but I think they prefer the act of jumping into it. Once the printer box is gone, this will replace it until such time as some other box tickles their fancy.

You're wondering how the scratcher has gone over. Meh. They have sniffed it.

Pilchard even took some swipes at the balls.

Mija has, at least while I've been looking, ignored the thing. I think I need to sprinkle some catnip on it to encourage scratching. I really like the carpeting on this. It's really soft and I think, once they figure out what this is for, they will like it too. It's just getting to that point.

I also got some new "chase around" toys.

They were on sale and pretty humorous. They have feathers attached to them. The other cats have loved something with feathers that could be batted around. These two seemed confused. I may have to toss these down the hallway so they can chase them. What I really need to get now is a basket to keep all the toys in. They are currently in a box and it's not conducive to a cat walking over and pulling something out to play with. In my mind's eye, a basket would have a smaller footprint than the box plus it will also look nicer. I could get to JoAnn Fabrics, take one look at the basket selection and stick with the box, but I'll never know if I don't go look.

I got these also.

These are a birthday present to a cat lover and Star Wars fan.

It was a good haul. Now for getting the girls acclimated to their new toys.

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