Monday, February 3, 2014

These Will Do

Back before Thanksgiving, we won a box of foodstuffs with a drinking fountain. I haven't set up the drinking fountain as it requires an outlet and I don't have a spare on in the kitchen currently. (That's another blog post.)

The food is from Ideal Balance. The treats were rejected, dramatically. The girls sniffed at them and then gave me a look like to curdle milk. "This? You are seriously thinking of giving us these things to eat? You're nuts, right?" Fortunately, the wildlife liked them, but raccoons will eat aluminum foil if there's grease on it so maybe that's not saying much.

Enclosed was a stack of wet cat food.

I thought, perhaps, it was just one flavor, but it's six different flavors. I have tried a couple, the venison and the salmon versions.

Mija sniffs and then gives me this questioning look. She is not sold on this wet cat food idea. Pilchard, however, well, you can see above. This is the salmon flavor. She licked all the juice off the nuggets, ate a third of the nuggets and then noshed for the next couple of hours. She licked all the juice off the nuggets on Mija's plate but left her nuggets alone. Mija did come back after an hour had passed and ate a few of the nuggets, but she just doesn't care for moist cat food.

I know I can't find this at Target. It's a pet supply store item. It's got bits of vegetables in it. I could see green and orange which the label said was parsley and carrots. Cats need protein because their bodies can't make taurine, which they need to survive. But pure protein based food is hugely expensive, so companies put grains in their food to lower the costs. Grains do nothing for a cat other than add calories. These foods have a much higher level of protein than other cat foods.

So, we have 4 more cans to try. If Pilchard continues to enjoy these, I think, the next time I go to the pet store for dry cat food, I'll get a few more cans. Fancy Feast may be nice, but the science of pet food seems to indicate that my girls would be better served with a different wet food.

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  1. I often give the kitties some wet food too and they like it lots :)
    Thanks for this review. I find that the ctas here lick off gravy
    and may eat the "lumps" or not. I like the pate type foods ;)