Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lights Fantastic

The lights have arrived. Ryan looked at Menards for the lights I want installed in the back half of the house and 2 of the 3 had to be ordered online. Figures.

I ordered them on a Thursday after I got home from work. The first one arrived that Saturday. I had to run errands and was quite surprised to come home to a box on the front steps.

This is the light for the back bedroom.

It's going to look so nice. Maybe I'll be inspired to slowly change that space from store room to extra bedroom, although someone staying would have to understand this is also the cat's room. We'll see. Even if I make it into a reading room for me instead of storing all sorts of stuff, that would make it more inviting.

The kitchen light arrived toward the end of last week. I thought it would be like the above light with the light inside a box inside a box but it's just the light inside the box.

It's nice and big and will make a great impact on seeing in the kitchen. I'm excited.

But, before Ryan can install these, I had to scrub the kitchen ceiling around where the light was going. We don't think about washing walls or ceilings so much when we clean, but over time, the tiny droplets of whatever you're cooking go up and attach to your ceiling. I would look up at the blotches and get depressed at the thought of climbing up with a wet sponge, scrubbing and climbing down the step stool. For small tasks, the step stool is fine. For scrubbing the ceiling, the thought of the climbing up and down and being steady while I scrubbed made me really nervous.

So, when I went to Target with the gift card, I looked in the scrub brush section, since I needed a new toilet brush anyway, and I found this.

It's meant for scrubbing your shower but what attracted me to it was the ability to extend the handle. After having it on my kitchen table for 3 weeks, I gave it a try last night. It works. The scrubber end does not contain any soap so I added a bit of dish soap. It worked up a good lather which I hadn't counted on and which forced me to have to rinse the scrubber head quite a bit. It seemed to do exactly what I needed it to do while I was standing on the kitchen floor. Rinsing was as simple as washing out the brush and going over the ceiling sections I'd scrubbed.

Now, barring any last minute snowstorms or jobs that need to be done on Saturday, I should have new lights Saturday afternoon. Crossing my fingers.

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