Tuesday, November 1, 2011

There's a Reason Pam's Promotes Efficiency

Waiting for a plumber to arrive is the perfect time to work on the next project. This involves yards of fabric which needs to be cut into pieces and reassembled. The weekend, when I was up and around, involved clearing off the table in the living room so my very ancient cardboard cutting board could lie on top of it. As you would imagine, the cutting board was "claimed" but she moved when I went to unfold the thing. It's kind of unwieldy but it's been my go to tablet for years of sewing.

Once unfolded, the fabric can be laid on top. That's when, at least in my house, things get 'interesting'. I got one piece pinned. I was going to have to do some creative cutting as this print has a direction and I want the pieces to go in the same direction. While measuring and marking, the 'help' arrived.

I've never understood why every cat who has decided to lie down on my fabric choices then chooses to attack it. Shakespeare, Penney and Half-Pint would always jump up, lie down and then attack the fabric. Pilchard was no different. She balled it up and chewed and raked it with her claws. It didn't damage the fabric at all, but she's definitely in the way. I tugged on the fabric which seemed to encourage her pouncing. Then I decided to give her a "loving" and she bolted. I can almost hear her, "Awk! Mom wants to give me a loving! I can't stand that!"

At Pam's, if you remember from the earlier this year pinning, at her house, the dress I wore to Carole's wedding, I don't have to pin around, over or under a cat. I don't have to carefully remove a cat from a pattern piece and hope she doesn't extend her claws and tear the tissue paper. I don't have to remove a tail as I'm cutting along a line. I also have the laughter and commentary of a good friend.

As it happened, the project is all cut out, with Pilchard's help. I can put the sewing machine back on the table and begin sewing this.

Through all the action, Mija merely supervised. She spends a lot of time perched on the back of the recliner just watching the world. She has been a bit irritated with me as the sewing accouterments have taken over a section of the recliner. It won't be until I get the project 80% finished and leave it on the table that she will give her stamp of approval by lying on it.

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  1. Cats have a way to own you and the things you do. Not in a bad way they just kinda do . :)