Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In Working Order

What does this look like to you? If you said that my kitchen sink needs a cleaning, well, that would be part of it.

The plumber came today. Huzzah! My sink is draining again.

He was 45 minutes late. I know the nature of plumbing is such that there is no way you can know, walking into a house, if the job is going to take 20 minutes or 2 hours. So, I can cut them some slack. He was polite. He was professional. There was no "plumber's crack", if you get my drift.

He took the pipes off under the sink, hooked up the rodder and let 'er go. He rodded the whole line from the sink to where it meets the sewer line. I'm used to having my sewer line rodded so I am aware of the noise. This was a murmur compared to that gigantic machine that's used outside. Still, his presence scared Mija and Pilchard who ran to hide until the experience was over.

It took a half hour and cost less than half what the gal estimated it would cost. To say I am thrilled is a slight understatement. That excess I had budgeted can go into my savings account for the next rainy day item that breaks. Actually, I need an oil change and to get the steering dampener fixed on the Jeep. That's a good use for the extra cash.

I cannot wait to run hot water into my sink to scrub it out and then fill it with water and dish detergent to finish off the dishes I didn't get washed last night. I don't need to examine my supper and rule out x or x because the pans used to make those dishes won't fit in the bathroom sink. I can make more cookies and applesauce and punkin bread and all sorts of goodies. If you need a plumber, ask me. I'll add my name to the chorus of recommendations for these people.

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