Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Early

My friend Patt sent me an early birthday present. She has raved about this kind of pillow. You put it between your knees as you sleep and it's supposed to help with proper body alignment. I had been looking for one of these but hadn't seen any in the drug stores where I'd been.

There was a doctor's appointment yesterday to discuss the knees. He is not happy with my progress or lack thereof. He believes something else is at work here. He wonders if fluid has collected under my knee caps, which is something which wouldn't have been apparent in the early June x-rays because it takes time to develop. An MRI is going to show the fluid.

I'm to make an appointment with the orthopedist for as soon as I get in. "I don't want you walking like a little old lady because you're younger than me. If you're an old lady, what does that make me?" he said. He patted my knee, observing that it was swollen and that I'm walking worse than when I came to see him back in June. "Don't worry. I feel this is treatable. We just need to get a handle on why. Once that's figured out, you'll be fine."

I will start using this pillow this weekend. A complete night's sleep is something I remember having back in May. Since coming home from Carole's wedding, I don't remember a full night's sleep. Every time I roll over, I wake up because my knees hurt. I've stuck a large pillow between my knees but that is incredibly unwieldy to rolling over. Happy Birthday to me! A full night's sleep. What a wonderful gift.

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