Saturday, November 19, 2011

That Time Again

This next week marks the official time to put up the window insulator kits. I must have 5 different rolls of the double sided tape used to attach the plastic to the windows. Somewhere, I have some plastic I didn't use last year. When I did every single window last year, I noticed a huge difference in the warmth of the house. So that is the goal this year. Get every single window covered. We've been blessed that it's not been that cold at the end of this fall. Some late falls have been cold and damp and that kind of chill just goes right through you.

I'm trying to keep the thermostat at 68-69. There is a problem with the furnace in that it will, on rare occasions, not come on. I have to go downstairs and reset it, sometimes two or three times before it will come on. I know it could use a thorough cleaning and I always intend to save up for that, but things have a way of happening and the money set aside for furnace and AC cleaning goes towards routing out the sewer line, as a for instance. I wear an extra layer in the winter and the girls are good at keeping themselves warm. So, we're going another winter without the cleaning and, I hope I can get it done in the spring.

Given that I have cold feet, I've been keeping a heating pad at the foot of the bed. When I went to visit mom, she put their ancient electric blanket on my bed. It was wonderful. I don't need it for my torso but it kept my feet an even temperature all night. A heating pad migrates depending upon where you happen to kick it. I should get an electric blanket.

I have started looking. This is probably a really good time to be looking as an electric blanket could be a Christmas present. If I wanted to navigate Black Friday at the mall, I probably could find a really good deal then, but, with my knees, Black Friday is the day I make sure all the windows are covered on the inside and work on sending out Christmas cards, not the day I spend walking about a mall. I've also considered getting just a "throw" size electric blanket. Since it's mainly my feet I'm concerned about, a throw would make a good lap robe during those cold January nights when I'm at the computer and raiding with my guild. Decisions. Decisions.

I have to be mindful of an increase in the cost for electricity. It really doesn't do you any good to be comfortable when your electric bill jumps by $40. A pair of slippers and an extra pair of socks is cheaper.

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