Saturday, November 26, 2011

Birthday Goodies

It's raining. Actually, it's pouring. It's not going to not rain the rest of the day and into the night. I long for snow on my birthday. It's close enough to cold weather that this could be snow or rain mixed with snow or even just flurries. No sleet or ice, thank you very much. Just snow. 

I could be forgiven for not wanting to go anywhere in the chilly late November rain. But a couple things got me out of the house. 

Stop #1 - Pharmacy. Tomorrow is the last day for which I have a pill for my knees. I could go get this on Monday but why? I have other errands so they will fill the script and have it waiting when I come back.

Stop #2 - Photo store. The gal who works in Wisconsin has been given a 27 home inspection project with reports. She needs photo holders. They know me by sight in this store so Harry helped me do that math to determine we only needed one package of photo holders even if 500 photos are taken. 

Stop #3 - Office. Drop photo holders on desk and put space heater on floor. I could have taken the space heater back on Monday. Yeah, right. With my memory, it will still be sitting on my living room floor come January. 

Stop #4 - Bank to deposit the check friends gave me to help with the furnace repair. 

Stop #5 - Caribou Coffee. I received a coupon for a free drink on my birthday. You must redeem it on your birthday and they are open on Thanksgiving for those years where my birthday and Thanksgiving coincide. Large white hot cocoa with a shot of hazelnut, whipped cream and crushed Snickers on top. FREE! God better have this in heaven or I'm not going. 

Stop #6 - Wendy's. I received a coupon good for a $1.00 off any combo meal. I just wanted a hamburger, fries and a drink. I didn't need the drink but I would have had to pay extra for a Frosty. "Would you like cheese on your burger?" "Oh sure. It's my birthday. Why not?" Thanks mom. Your birthday money bought me lunch. And Wendy's new and improved hamburgers are outstanding. My burger had to wait for me to get home and it was still really juicy and flavorful. I'm going to have to go back. 

Stop #7 - Back to the pharmacy and pick up my script. Notice that Dr. Pepper is "Buy 1 Get 1 Free". I don't know why they don't just drop the price to $1.00 each but whatever. Toss in a large candy bar for the chocolate quotient and I'm good to go. 

It can be hard to remember, when you feel beaten down, just how the little things can make you happy. Free cocoa. A dollar off lunch. A free bottle of soda. All good. It can rain all day. I'm happy.

Beverage:  White hot cocoa


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