Sunday, October 10, 2010

There's still service here.

For all the maligning of the United States Postal Service, there are times when they still surprise with service beyond what you expect.

I sent a box to a friend last week. In the process, I bought some stamps. We used to "collect" stamps when Carole was young, not as a formal stamp collection, but as memories. She doesn't want what we saved so I am free to use them for letters. As they are older, I am currently working through some 34¢ stamps which need an additional 10¢ to be useful. This is helpful when you're on a stringent budget. A sheet of 10¢ is much cheaper than a sheet of 44¢.

I mailed the box, paid for the stamps and I could have sworn, I grabbed them and put them in my purse. But, around 10 p.m., when I was preparing for the next day, I realized they were nowhere to be found. That could mean only one thing. I'd left them at the post office. I couldn't imagine how I could go and claim them other than show up with the receipt and say, "I left them here." I did not relish that. Imagine my surprise when, the next day, I got this in the mail.
In reality, it would be easy to trace whose stamps they are by finding the box. Still, they didn't have to do this and I had, pretty much, written off this sheet.

That's service and I'm grateful.

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