Monday, October 4, 2010

Another recommendation.

I love this stuff. It's more, much more, expensive than the Kraft mac and cheese, but honestly, it is so much better.

I bought a box years ago. I saw it in Whole Foods and I like the taste of white cheddar. We called it "farmer cheese" because farmers often made this kind of cheddar and didn't have the orange additive. It's got a different flavor than orange cheddar.

Homemade mac and cheese is a much loved comfort food. I make mine with Velveeta which is probably as far from "organic" cheese as you can get. But it melts evenly and, when cool, doesn't solidify into a stringy mass as I find real cheddar can.

This box cooks up the same as the Kraft kind but you mix the cheese sauce in a mixing cup and add it to the cooked pasta. I also add peas and, brace yourself, diced Spam. What can I say? I like Spam. With these things added, it makes a hearty and comforting meal that reheats wonderfully the next day.

Unless you eat the entire pot full over the course of the evening.

Beverage: Blackberry sage tea


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