Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I got home on Saturday with a car full of groceries. I counted 14 sacks although Dominicks could do a better job of training their baggers to put more than a couple items in a brown paper bag.

In order to facilitate the emptying of my car, I left the back door open. These two will go out onto the deck for a bit but they run inside when I head into the house. I saw them both on the deck and I saw them both run inside but Mija came back out for a bit until I was actually done unloading.

I closed the back door and realized I didn't see the big, black cat. Pilchard? She wasn't in her 'hiding place' behind the TV. Pilchard? She wasn't sitting on the basement steps? PilCHARD? Now, I'm getting a bit worried that she went outside and squirmed through the deck slats and was under the deck. PILCHARD! No sign of her outside. Now I'm really worried. Where the heck is that...

"I'm right here. I see you you. What do you want?"

Beverage: China Black tea


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