Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back to something relaxing.

With the ability to "watch" Iowa football comes the need to have something to do during the game. Some people can curl up in their sofas and just watch a sporting event on TV. I can't do that. I have to be doing something else. I keep an awareness of what's going on when the other team has the ball and I do watch when Iowa has the ball, but I find it more enjoyable to have something else in front of me while the game is on.

So, prior to the game, I decided to take a look at all my cross-stitch projects. I have 2 drawers in my dressing table filled with ideas, thread and fabric. I have a box containing years of magazines with ideas and charts I've picked up over the years. I have several unfinished projects in freezer bags. Surely I could find something to do while I watch the game.

I did find, in September, a chart that will go with a humorous book I found for someone for Christmas. I had the perfect color of fabric and all the colors of thread needed. Once I'd read Saturday's paper, I settled down to stitch.

It's quite relaxing. I very much enjoy doing this. In fact, I think I'll get off the computer and continue working on this. There must be something I can "watch" on TV. The only problem I have is a 17-pound cat who demands my lap on occasion. She gets in the way.

Beverage: fruit juice


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