Saturday, October 23, 2010

When the frost is on the pumpkin...

It was the first scraping frost of the season. I brought the three surviving geraniums in Thursday night. I think that's it for this year, although it's supposed to be nice until Thursday. Rather than try to remember to bring them in, I'll just do it now.

I couldn't remember where the scraper was. That was fun feeling the panic rising until I looked in the glove box and there it was. I need to pull the broom from the back to under the rear seat, for the inevitable snow coming in a month or 6 weeks.

It did warm up beautifully but fall is just hitting its stride. It's football, pumpkin carving and baking weather. Time to find the sweaters and the jackets and the gloves. Time to get that window unstuck and find the window insulator kit left overs which have enough plastic to cover a couple of windows before I have to buy more. I feel a bit more energized. It seems as if the allergies are subsiding and that's a good thing. I really need to buy a rake.

Beverage: Huckleberry tea


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