Friday, October 8, 2010

Wouldn't you know it?

The wipers are fixed. I needed a new motor. I also got an oil change and the blinkers on the left side fixed. The car is now winterized and ready for whatever snow and cold the woolly bear predicts.

The weather is gorgeous and predicted to stay that way for awhile. There might be storms on Monday but they are currently being called "isolated". I have no need for the wipers except in the mornings now when the temperatures drop and dew collects on the window. I don't have to get a dish towel and wipe it off.

So, wouldn't you know it, I get the wipers fixed and we have incredibly beautiful weather. I did decide, that if it's going to be this good, I'm going topless. This might be the last nice spate of weather so there is no reason not to. It's chilly in the morning to be sure, but I toss on an oversize shirt or a light-weight jacket and off I go. The hardest part is getting up early so I can towel off the dew on the inside of the Jeep. That can take 10 minutes to do depending upon the amount of dew that has collected inside. I don't wipe off the entire interior, just the front seats, the stick shift, the inside of the front windshield and the steering wheel.

I'm giving some consideration to a country drive this weekend to get punkins and maybe more apples. As nice as it's going to be, I like the idea of just being out in it. I am already planning to sit on the deck and get caught up on the newspapers I have in a pile in the living room. This way, the girls can come outside too, although they don't stay outside long.

It's days like this, as I'm backing out of the drive, when I feel the urge to just put the Jeep in gear and take off. Crisp mornings with warm afternoons? Yeah, this is my kind of weather.

Beverage: Scottish Blend tea


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