Sunday, July 11, 2010

Return of the treats

If you recall, I finally ran out of the cat treats, shown left, about April. I have found other treats that they like, Friskies and Whiskas' Temptations. I like the latter because those can be easily parceled out. The Friskies are more of a "here's a handful" variety.

Pam was getting a refill on her dog's medication and ran into Val who gave me the girls. After introducing herself, Val commented that she keeps tabs on the girls through the blog. (They would say "hi" if they weren't both asleep.) After some conversation, Val handed Pam a bag of treats.

I ran over to Pam's last weekend and picked up the bag. When I got home, I set the bag on the floor just to see what would happen. They both sniffed it and then Mija tried mightily to rip the bag open. Ah yes. She knew what those were.

The girls really like these. All I have to do is shake the container and they come running. Mija has me so well trained that every time I go into the kitchen, she follows and meows pitifully in an attempt to get treats. Pilchard sits in the doorway between the kitchen and living room giving the occasional meow as if to say, "I'm watching and I better get the same number she does." They don't get them every day. I give out the Temptations every day. Those are smaller and have fewer calories. Can't have obese cats.

Thanks Val. Remember, if you'd like to drop by and see them sometime, give me a ring.

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