Friday, July 2, 2010

It's all Amber's fault.

I have a friend in Australia named Amber. She's been going through a rough patch at the moment. It's been hugely stressful and her boyfriend and I have decided she's not eating. It's not a case of not eating properly, she's just not eating.

So, 2 days ago we were talking online as we are want to do and she mentioned how upset her life was making her. Aha! Just the opening I needed. "Do you want some 'motherly' advice?" I asked. "Sure," she replied.

I then told her to go to the grocery and buy $20 of anything she wanted. "Don't just hang out in the produce section unless that's what you want. I do hereby give you permission to fill up your cart with junk. You need comfort food right now."

Yesterday, she makes the comment that her boyfriend brought her Oreos. I have not thought about Oreos in months, yes, months. I have noticed them in the store, but I'm really not all that interested in them, unless a friend says she has some and I don't. (sigh)

With the July 4th holiday approaching, I headed off to the grocery after being allowed to leave work early. I needed to get a few things which included, you guessed it...
I don't believe I've had this kind.

I set the bag down so I could photograph it for the blog and it was instantly scrutinized. When she realized there was nothing for cats, she expressed her displeasure.
I guess I should be grateful she didn't lie on the bag.

I brought the bag into the office so I could blog about this and decided to open it. I half figured the "Lift" tab on the front would make it into my list of "vexes". It actually opened quite nicely. We'll see how it closes.

Mija came charging into the office because the rustle of the bag sounded just like the bag with kitty treats in it. That's actually pretty funny to watch. They can be sound asleep and all I have to do is shake a treat bag and, I swear, Mija materializes at my feet. Let's just say she was more than a bit disappointed when the smell emanating from the bag was one of peanut butter.

I will eat a few while playing the game today. I may or may not have milk with these initial cookies. I figure, as a public service, I should try these without milk and then with milk.

Hey, it's the least I can do on a holiday weekend.

Beverage: V8 Fusion


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