Friday, July 2, 2010


Occasionally, I get my horoscope emailed to me. Who wouldn't like to know that your whatever is in retrograde and now is the time to buy that tech stock you had your eye on? You know which one I'm talking about, the one that was faxed to your office last week.

So my monthly horoscope comes yesterday and these words stood out.
Sun is shining on intellectual Mercury, which is given a boost by profound Pluto ... the planet of transformation. This triple Mercury alignment signals a time for life-changing insight.
Um...given all that I've been through since October, I consider pretty much every day a chance for "life-changing insight". You will be the first to know if I stumble into something that requires contemplation and change beyond what I usually do. Of course we'll revisit this August 2nd just to see how close it was to what occurs. No snickering from that reader in the back. You know you'll come back here just to see if anything happens.

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