Monday, July 26, 2010

Yes, that is what that is.

I wanted to go to the store yesterday. I found this recipe for blackberry cobbler and it sounds so good, I want to try it. That means getting blackberries and vanilla ice cream because the chocolate chip ice cream I have just doesn't seem to, in my mind, go with warm blackberry cobbler. Plus, I'm low or out of other things.

I made my list, checked it twice, grabbed my shopping bags and backed out of the drive. Something felt "funny". And, as I headed south, the car didn't sound right. I turned around and drove back to the house, got out and viola.

Now, I pay for roadside assistance with my insurance. I have never used it. I thought about calling right away but I was concerned I'd be billed for changing the tire and for certain that's going to be more on Sunday than it will be today.

So, I called at 7:10 this morning. They promised someone would be there "within the hour". That hour turned into 2 and a half hours. When the guy showed up, it was a 10 minute change. We found there's nail or screw in the tire. It probably was a slow leak. Hard to say where I picked that up as I have driven onto a construction site within the last week. I have an appointment with my mechanic for an oil change and to get the tire fixed. I've been putting that off but this sort of forces the issue. I'm sure there will be other things discovered with the oil change, but at least I'll know what needs to be fixed and can save accordingly.

See, if I drove a passenger car, I could have done this myself. I tried, the very first time I got a flat on the Jeep, to change the tire. I can't do it. Those pneumatic screwdrivers they use just drive the screws on so tight, I couldn't loosen it. Plus, the jack I have doesn't inspire confidence. I used to have AAA but the price got rather expensive for what little service I actually need. I have, as I said, roadside assistance bundled into my insurance. There was no charge for the guy coming to change the tire and he said there would have been no charge for him to fix the flat tire. I could have gone grocery shopping yesterday.

The brake light came on at lunch today. The left turn signal isn't working and, of course, the wipers haven't been functional since April. But, until I win the lottery, it's gotta hang together.

Oh well, this is nice to know. It makes me feel more secure knowing that, at least for minor roadside emergencies, I'm covered.

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