Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'll pay for it in the morning.

It's a gorgeous day, if you dismiss the random showers. Those have been akin to someone upending a bucket of water over the area. The temperatures are moderate. We could use a bit more sun than clouds but the view looking up is quite spectacular.

So, I decided to do a task I have avoided. I liberated the air conditioning unit from the throes of weeds and cut back some of the trash trees that have sprung up around the house.
The AC unit will probably work a bit more efficiently, now that you can see it.

This is the resulting pile of brush that now needs to be bagged and put out to the curb.

I need to get yard waste bags and then stickers to haul it out. This is more yard work than I've done since the kids were here. I am so going to feel this in the morning.

Beverage: China Black tea


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