Saturday, June 5, 2010

Maybe I need a new one.

If you're a long-time blog reader, you know I've been teased about my "ancient" purse. I used to have 4 or 5 purses which I changed out based on outfit, weather, season, event. But, when I started working, the constant moving of a life from one bag to another became hugely frustrating. I'd learn where everything was and then change purses. You men have NO CLUE.

I was working at a book store and this woman came in with the best purse I had seen. The front zipped open to reveal places for money and credit cards, checkbook and pen. The back of it was just a pouch where she kept a comb, lipstick, coin purse and other items. The whole thing was about 3 inches thick. I wanted one.

I never found one. Instead, I got the brown leather purse everyone teases me about now.

Well, over Memorial Day, I noticed the gaping hole you see to the right. The stitching has come apart. I looked around the purse and there are a few more places where the stitching is slowly coming undone. After 10 odd years, it might be time for a new purse. I could take it to Paul's Shoe Service in downtown Glen Ellyn and he'd probably fix it for me. But I wonder if the cost of fixing the purse might not be the same as buying new on sale? The other thing is, if I get a new purse, I have to learn where everything is again. Again, you men have NO CLUE.

What to do, what to do? I can't afford a new purse right now, anyway, but I also can't afford to get this one fixed right now. Maybe in another week that will happen, but not now. Plus, if I take the purse in, I have nothing to replace it with while it's getting fixed. A plastic bag just doesn't cut it.

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