Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Submission Published.

A couple weeks ago, I received word that two more ideas I had for the Breakfast Topic on had been accepted for publication. Here is the article, in its entirety.

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Many things are eagerly anticipated with the release of Cataclysm: guild achievements, level 85, Deathwing. Little has been discussed about flying mounts in all of Azeroth. It is just a snippet in the trailer, but I do remember its getting a huge cheer. Gone will be the days of flying into Southshore and then riding (I mean, really -- once we can fly, who is going to ride?) north to battle the Abominable Greench. You'll fly -- and yes, I know, Alliance won't be using Southshore, but that's a different topic. We will be flying up and out of Stormwind, heading south into Searing Gorge to Blackrock Mountain and a new instance with Nefarian, and we will be using our own mounts. Can't get that one piece of ore on the side of a hill? Fly up and get it. Need to help a low-level guild member outside Jintha'Alor? Fly there from Aerie Peak or Revantusk Village. You'll be able to scout where those nasty Devilsaurs are in Un'Goro without getting stomped on (not that it matters to a level 85).

So once you can fly anywhere in Azeroth, where are you going first? If you are Alliance, I would wager 85% of you are going to the airport above Ironforge. There is a gryphon master at the north end of that area. He always waves when you fly over on your way to Menethil. I'm thinking that will become an active flight point, but I suspect most of you will fly up there on your own, simply because now you can. A few of you will probably go to the fishing hut above Stormwind.

Me? That's not the first place I'm going. I have long wanted to get to one particular spot on the map. I've tried getting there a few times, particularly during the Lunar Festival because there's an elder near this spot. The gryphon flies over it and I so desperately want to get off, right there. No, I'm not telling.

Where are you going to go first? Anyplace in particular, or do you think you will just hop on your flying mount and savor the wind in your face as you fly anywhere?

I read over this and I there are things I would change, improper grammar and usage and I have the direction out of Stormwind city to Searing Gorge wrong. published the article exactly as I submitted it. I would have benefitted from judicious editing and I wouldn't have minded a bit. What I found interesting is that several of my friends who read knew, without looking at the by-line, that this was mine. I didn't realize I had a "style". I guess I do.

It's another $10 from this writing program. I have 3 other articles awaiting a verdict, whether they will be published or not. There have not been many ideas lately, to which I could write. Small steps, baby steps. Who knows.

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