Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is this a vex or just hysterical?

I needed shampoo and I had a rebate for Finesse. It happened to be on sale so I got a bottle. Now I have to send in the sales receipt which means I need an envelope. Time to open a new box.

You can see some perforations on the front in the glare of the camera flash. The side has an "easy to open" tear strip. Okay, I took ahold of the part where the arrow was and gently tugged.


I swear. I was gentle. I didn't grab it and rip like a tiger into a gazelle. I just gently tugged. I had the distinct feeling this wasn't going to go very well. So, I put the tab back and started taking photos because everyone needs to laugh.

Well maybe if I work this strip around the side to the front, it will unzip quickly.

Or maybe it won't.

I continued to try to use the "easy open tear strip", but it became increasingly obvious that "easy open" means one thing to me and something else to the manufacturers of this box of envelopes.

After a good 10 minutes of ripping...

I can send in the $3.00 rebate on my Finesse shampoo. This probably explains why this box was $.99.

Beverage: Tropic-50 orange drink


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