Saturday, June 5, 2010

Funny the things you get attached to.

When Jon, from the office, was moving to a smaller place, he couldn't take everything with him. He gave an office chair to the office and said chair has been used by several people. I was going to pitch one of those floor lamps that gives off "natural" daylight. I needed a floor lamp so I took it.

Now, I don't know if it's really the sunlight spectrum. I just know that I have it here in the office next to the computer. It does brighten up the room and is great for gaming, particularly at night.

The only thing is, if the bulb breaks, you can't run to the store for another, at least, I haven't been able to find them at a store selling light bulbs.

In theory, if nothing happens to the bulb, they will last years. In practice, when a spider drops down from the ceiling into your field of vision while you are sitting at the computer, the chances of you jumping up and knocking over the floor lamp to your left are quite large. This is the second time I have knocked the lamp over. The first time, I was cleaning and bumped it. I tried to catch it but failed.

The bulbs are $20 and then you add shipping. I ordered it online last Saturday and it was here yesterday. The lamp is fully functional again. I missed it. I missed that bright white light it gives off. I don't know if it improves my mood, I'm moody with or without light, but I do think it brightens this room. Because it sits next to the office windows, at night, the light illuminates part of the deck. I think that's been responsible for keeping critters off the deck and scaring the cats, although these two don't hang out at the back door like Rascal did.

Now, to not knock it over...

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