Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting ready

I picked up the kilted skirt and the sash from the dry cleaners tonight. The 24th Annual Illinois St. Andrew Society's Highland Games are this weekend. If we aren't busy at the office, and indications are that things are slowing down, I might leave at noon on Friday and set up, staying through the 3 hours of open time Friday evening. If we are busy, then I won't go until Saturday morning.

New this year are tent inspections by the Oakbrook Fire Department. After what happened last year, and you can read about that here, I can see why they are going to go around and make sure your tent is anchored into the ground. The thing is, my tent was anchored. It never went anywhere. It was simply smashed by the wind.

Clan Thompson Society bought me a new tent. It's a few feet smaller than the tent I had but that few feet translates into pounds lighter. The other tent's container had wheels to help you move it. This tent, I can actually pick up and move without wondering if I'm going to pull something.

Tonight, the weather is predicted to be hot on Friday, which, if that holds, is another reason not to set up, since I don't want what happened last year to happen this year. Saturday is predicted to be clear, sunny and mid-80's. There's always a breeze at the Oakbrook Polo Grounds so it will stay somewhat cool, but I should consider a bag of ice and some water and juice to keep myself hydrated.

If you are in the Chicagoland area and are looking for something to do, I'll be in the above kilt at the Clan Thom(p)son Society tent. I'm next to Clan Wallace. I'll have extra chairs and maybe a good view of the athletic field. Stop by.

Beverage: Robert the Bruce Scottish Ale


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