Friday, June 11, 2010

He regrets the offer of help.

We were out of a few things at the office so, first thing this morning, I went to Office Depot. They open at 8 and I was their first customer of the day. Some of you who know me, can probably guess, by the title of the post, what happened. There was no one in the store except me and 3 employees.

I walked in and an employee asked, "Can I help you ma'am?" I handed him the post-it with the list and said, "Sure. Go get all of those things. I'll wait right here." He looked at the list which consisted of tabbed file folders, large bubble mailers, CD jewel cases, water, and toner for the printer, and then at me. I gave him my best, "I'm waiting look" and he stood there, more than a little embarrassed. Yes, I relished this moment. No, it's not nice to pull such a practical joke on a store employee, but, come on, he asked.

After a hugely uncomfortable, for him, minute, I said, "What aisles, please?" He visibly sighed and told me all the aisles where I could find things. I didn't buy water. I had purchased 4 cases of water at the grocery on May 26th and we still have 3 cases left. But, I got everything else.

Yes, it made my day.

Beverage: English Breakfast Tea


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