Monday, June 29, 2009

This is not funny --- but really, it is.

I log on this morning and my daily dose of comics contains Shoe, Bob the Squirrel and Non Sequitur. While I certainly agree with Non Sequitur for this morning, it was Shoe that caught my eye, given yesteday's post. Way to make fun of me world. Now where did I put that bag of candy bar minis?

I am facing a mini crisis. I am almost out of Huckleberry tea. For Christmas in 2007, Carole sent me a 3 pack of Market Spice tea which contained this cinnamon orange, something labeled "Northwest Breakfast" which was a milder English Breakfast-type, and this Huckleberry infused version. While I liked all of them, the huckleberry infused tea stood above the others. I had to have more.

I went to visit Carole back in 2008 and the mall that contained the JC Penney where she worked had this Made In Washington store. Really nice store. I got my Seattle socks there. Plus, I got a couple boxes of just Market Spice Huckleberry tea. That stash was gone by December. Fortunately, the Made in Washington web site would let me order just Huckleberry so I got two more boxes.

Unfortunately, I am down to my last 10 bags and the site no longer carries the option to order JUST Huckleberry tea. The only way to get it is in a 3 pack or in a gift basket. Grrrr. So I do a search and it seems Market Spice makes more than just those three. I am seeing African Red Bush, Earl Gray, Emperor's Green, Sunset in Seattle, Ginger Peach, Princess Gray, Seattle Surprise, Darjeeling, Raspberry, Apple, 6 Herb, Holiday, Apricot, Blackcurrent, Mango, Chinese Dragon, Cranberry Mint, Peach Ambrosia, Gen Mai Cha, and something new to me called Pu-erh, which comes in cakes. Their ONLY store is on Pike Street in downtown Seattle. This means nothing to me but it must be close to that wonderful market downtown Seattle has. I didn't go there this year when I visited Carole.

When you check for Market Spice on the Internets, it says their tea is sold by BOO! HISS! I hate, loathe and abhor shopping through Amazon. But I found Blue Moon Tea online also sells Market Spice and has my Huckleberry and some of those others listed above. I get paid tomorrow so I believe a tea order is in my future. 2 or 3 boxes?

Beverage: Huckleberry tea


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