Monday, June 22, 2009

Randomized Monday

Just bits with no pieces...

Rhetorical questions...

Double-takes...all while the printer is working down the hall printing 50 pages of documents I'll have to sort in a bit.

I'm cold in my office and I didn't bring a sweater. It's 80 degrees at 11:05 with a slated high of 89 and showers later. The thermostat claims it's 72 in here. It is NOT; more like 62. My boss does not like heat. He's happiest when it's in the 50's at night and 60's during the day. I had a small space heater in my office which would run all year 'round since it's cold in the winter and cold in the summer. But that died and you know, for some reason, they don't sell small portable space heaters in June in Chicagoland. Do I go home at lunch and get a sweater? The tea isn't even helping anymore.

There are termites in the office. Luke's office is the source. I had ants in my window sill last year and Dane had ants in his office the summer after we moved across the hall into these offices. Supposedly, the exterminator will be out this week. I've already gone on record as saying I cannot be in the office during or for 48 hours after he sprays. I can take a lap top home and manage the small amount of work I have to do from home. I have a printer there.

My friend Daniel, has this blog on RSS feed to his cell phone. The minute I post something new, he knows and can read it, off his cell phone!? First of all, that he cares enough to have my musings on a feed is amazing and I owe him cookies. Secondly, that we are that connected now is a bit mind boggling. The way to bring modern society to its collective knees is not to put salmonella in its hamburgers. Just knock out its access to instant information. It makes me glad I grew up at a time BEFORE all of this. I wrote my senior English thesis on an electric typewriter my grandfather bought for me for $50 and I was one of only 3 girls on my dorm floor who had their own typewriter. Most kids had to go to the typing lab and reserve a typewriter for papers. Yes, I can even type on a manual typewriter. It's not called the "Enter" key. It's called the "Return" key and there is something supremely satisfying about grabbing that handle and manually returning the carriage to advance the paper.

My sunburn has eased quite a bit although my acne has exploded. No signs of a cold sore, yet, but it's still early. Is there anything better than Lip Smackers Dr. Pepper flavored lip balm? And nothing is better on a hot, sticky summer day than a partially frozen Dr. Pepper. Matt asked me last night how I can drink "that stuff". "It tastes like cough syrup." Hmmmm. I remember this tincture my dad would call the doctor to get for us. It was the color of molasses, though not as thick. It tasted horrible, but, damn, it worked. I can't remember the name of the company that made the cough drops he preferred. I think they are still in business. Dad preferred their licorice flavor and it would turn your tongue a brownish orange. Gad those were awful. I remember when they introduced cherry flavor. Turned your tongue red but they worked as well as the licorice-flavored ones. Even now, if I have to get cough syrup, its effectiveness for me, is predicated on how it tastes. Anything that tastes good simply cannot work. No, Dr. Pepper does not taste like cough syrup. I have consumed stuff that doubles as paint remover. Dr. Pepper is ambrosia compared to that.

Carole's thinking of quitting WOW, cold turkey. No clue in the post as to why. I must say I enjoyed my 2 day hiatus. Everyone needs to and should, back away from the game, if even for 2 days to attend a Highland Games.

Which brings me to another games. H.A.G.G.I.S. is having their games this year! I am so excited and happy for them. One year ago, we were rocked by the devastation in Cedar Rapids, Iowa from a 1,000 year flood. Some areas have not and probably will not recover to what they were. My brother and sister-in-law lost use of their home. But, January 4th, they were back in it and now, officially, have everything fixed. When I saw them in February, they were missing the dryer hook-up and a fridge and the rest of the kitchen floor. All that is repaired. My niece, her boyfriend and their daughter lost the home they rented. They are in a home of their own now and have a brand new son in the family. H.A.G.G.I.S. had to cancel their games last year as their venue was severely damaged and could not be used. I am so excited they are going to be up and running this year. Now what do I do about a tent..........

Time for lunch.

Beverage: Lady Gray tea



  1. mmmmmm Haaaaaaagis -- it's been too long since i've had haggis.

  2. Well, when you come in August, we could forgo the flame charred meat idea and go with:

    Highland Beef Haggis
    FHHB – $10
    Our highland beef haggis is more suited to American palates than the traditional lamb. For reference, it tastes a lot like corned-beef hash. If you've never tried haggis before, and just aren't sure, give this one a try!
    If you are concerned about authenticity, there is evidence that Highland cattle were as common historically as sheep were in Scotland, so beef haggis is probably just as authentic as lamb.
    14.5 oz. can. Made in the USA.
    Ingredients: 100% USDA Highland beef, hydrated pin oats, water, refined beef suet, beef liver, onions, and spices. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

    I've had this and it's good, acceptable. I have a bottle of Clynelish whiskey which was a Christmas present a few years ago. We won't care what games we play. Hey! Full contact Trivial Pursuit!

  3. The feed system has become almost indispensible for me. With 20+ friends blogging (and some updating maybe 3 times a year), checking all of them every day would be entirely impractical. The Future to the rescue! Indeed, we may not have flying cars, but it *does* feel a bit like communication is approaching telepathy sometimes.

    And yes, moderate WoW is good for you. When I cut back from 6 nights a week to 4, I found myself getting more done both in-game and in real-life, oddly enough. Quittin', though, that's just crazy talk. (I don't need it! I can stop any time I want! Honest!)