Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How do I figure it out?

It's lunch time in the office and I'm eating leftovers from last night. I actually cooked myself something rather than foraged, eating handfuls of this or that. Right now, you'd never know that, given a chance, I love to cook, to try new recipes. I've often said that I can't die before a) reading all the books in the Library or Congress or b) trying all these recipes I've saved over the years.

When I went to Puyallup to visit Carole back in May, I took my three recipe boxes. The idea was she would go through the boxes and I'd make a few things which could be frozen but I'd retype the recipes she remembered fondly and leave them with her. That didn't get done. Another visit.

I'm eating homemade mac and cheese. I make it with Velveeta and I add Spam and frozen peas. I grew up on Velveeta mac and cheese where you carve a loaf into slices and melt the cheese with milk and butter. Last year, when I visited, Carole wanted me to write down the recipe so she could make it as it's one of her favorites, too. I have no clue. I eyeball it. I always have. I've made this for decades so I know how much cheese to slice for a creamy sauce.

Isn't that like it always is? Some of the best foods you remember, those comfort foods, are the ones with the "add a pinch of dried rutabaga". What constitutes a pinch? Is it the kind great-grandma gave me when we'd come to visit or is it the kind you get when you close the bathroom door on the backside of your index finger?

It's bothered me that I can't figure out the quantity of ingredients so I could write this recipe out for her. I thought there might have been a recipe on the side of the Velveeta box at one time, but it's not on my most recent purchase. Any suggestions?

Now, before you point out the cholesterol involved in this lunch, I need to tell you, I'm genetically predisposed to low cholesterol. Heart disease doesn't run in my family. Yes, my cholesterol could be lower, but I have the kind of numbers some people would kill to have. And I don't choose to eat mac and cheese every day, every week or even every month.

And yes, I like Spam, always have. We used to call it "rhino meat" on campouts.

Beverage: Dr. Pepper


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