Tuesday, June 2, 2009

If ever I run out of ideas....

My friend, Patt, sent me the following list...

June is:
• Aquarium Month
• Candy Month
• Dairy Month
• Fight the Filthy Fly Month
• Gay Pride Month
National Accordion Awareness Month
• National Adopt a Cat Month
• National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
• Rose Month
• Turkey Lovers Month

I don't know where she got this but this is excellent! So, I'm going to make Turkey Burgers with a side salad and for dessert have chocolate covered strawberries with non-aerosol whipped cream while listening to Frankie Yankovic and his orchestra. On the table will be a half-dozen roses in water as the fly swatter hangs nearby to assault one of those awful bugs.

If you are so inclined to help a cat during the month but don't want the expense of adoption, you could send Best Friends Animal Society , Alley Cat Allies or your local no-kill animal shelter a donation in honor of the month. I have supported Best Friends for years.

I found this while trying to decide what to do about aquariums. "Britain’s leading animal psychologist Dr Roger Mugford said: “It’s a well known fact, that watching fish can have a positive impact on human emotions – especially when feeling tense. This is why you often see aquariums in dentists’ and doctors’ surgeries..." I thought most pets had a calming influence on their owners.

And I guess for the one celebration I haven't acknowledged, I should try to find that guy from last Thursday and tell him I really don't bear him any ill will, take him to the animal shelter and get him a kitty and a bag of gummi fish. Would that work? And Daniel, April and Perry.....

DON'T SAY IT!!!!!!!

(Yes, you can laugh and...oh well...okay, post it in the comments cuz I know it's coming.)

Beverage: Dr. Pepper but with a cough drop, it takes like Cheracol D cough syrup.


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