Monday, June 15, 2009

(Gulp) I guess I can do this.

Betsy is mad at me for taking her to the vet for 250cc of warm fluid. We've been doing this off and on since the end of January. The cost, even at the discount my vet gives me, with my finances, put this treatment out of reach. If I can give her fluids at home, the only thing I have to buy is the fluid and a box of 24 1000cc bags is something like $15.
But this means using a needle the size of a cannon and sticking my cat.
I'm such a wuss.
Val, the tech at the vet who has taken me under her wing, is so very, very nice. She helped me today and I did it and Betsy didn't move while the fluid was draining. She's a bit lop-sided right now until the fluid gets absorbed. Val also did a nail trim and shaved all the mats I haven't been able to get through at the back end.
I don't have to do this again until Wednesday after work.
I got kidney diet cat food for them. If I mix it with the gravy from Fancy Feast, they will eat. Rascal seems hungry, but she could be trying to butter me up to let her go outside. I can't do that. She goes off and sits and I can't find her. Yesterday, I had a case of the slow panic when she wouldn't come inside at 5:30 p.m. and I didn't know where she was. Plus Zeke is mowing my back yard and she'll be scared of the mower and go heaven knows where in the jungle that is my yard. She will just have to wait. I'll make her appointment for the ultrasound for Wednesday after work.
Tomorrow, I get my hairs cut. My bangs are in my face so it's time. Plus I have the Illinois St. Andrew Society' 23rd Annual Highland Games to attend on Friday and Saturday. I run a tent for the Clan Thompson Society. I won't be home Friday until around 8:30 p.m. and Saturday, I'm gone all day until around 7:00. I hope I'm improving the quality of life and not just postponing the inevitable with some suffering. Betsy has a nodule under her right front leg that Val found at the last appointment. We both think it's larger than last time. (sigh) I have to watch that and not worry.
Val said she would call me Thursday to see how I do with giving fluids. "Scared" doesn't quite cover it and it's just Monday. Watch this space.

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