Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This vexes me, #1.

See this? See this? On top of a bottle of Seventh Generation dish washing liquid there is one of those "peel up" sticker thingees. Dish detergent! I can see on aspirin, vitamins, Pepto Bismol, honey, but dish detergent? I stood over the sink for 3 minutes trying to squirt detergent into the water to do dishes. And it's Seventh Generation, not Dawn, not Ivory, not even store brand. How many people really reach for the green dish detergent when Palmolive is a whole buck cheaper?
And my hands are wet from sorting dishes and rinsing out the sink and emptying the drainer so of course "peel back" is a fallacy as far as I'm concerned. I had to use a hair dryer on my hands so they were dry enough to peel this off.
Dish detergent!?!?!?

Beverage: None


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