Tuesday, June 16, 2009

S'mores for supper

It's what I want tonight, so there. I have a very old, falling apart kettle grill which needs to be replaced with something smaller that I would actually use. I would prefer my marshmallows to be crisped on the outside and mushy on the inside but it does not pay to use the big grill for crunchied marshmallows so I do the "nuked" method. 40-45 seconds in the microwave and I have adequate s'mores for yet another rainy and chilly night.
It was 80° today. I had to go into the city to pull equipment from a demolition job that went 2 months longer than anticipated. I then went to this large hospital construction project and swapped out 2 machines, one because it's up for calibration and one because it's acting funny and we can't have equipment acting funny, only me. No coat and a light breeze. Even overcast, it was nice out.
The rains came as I was walking out of Subway with my lunch. It hasn't stopped. I think this would be termed an "unstable air mass", if I remember the weather people's terminology, but I'm really, really tired of unstable. Give me "stable" and I'd even take hot without complaint.
Got the hairs cut and now I run around feeling all those microscopic cuttings that inevitably fall under the collar of the cover up and your shirt. This last dye job is nearly faded. It did not last very long at all, but that's okay. I'm going gray anyway. The gray does stick out like a white light, but that's probably my perception because I know it's there.
On the home front, I had 2 hungry cats when I got home. I fed them half a can of Science Diet k/d, which is for kidney disease and they snarfed it down. Rascal jumped into the papasan chair to spend the next 10 minutes grooming so I know that's a very happy cat. There were some "surprises" on the floor in the hall and the extra bedroom which ants had discovered. That's gross and I'll have to clean that up...later.
I figured out how to pay for the ultrasound so I need to make the appointment tomorrow. As I'm gone on Friday and Saturday, I maybe should wait until next Monday to do it, get through the weekend. I still don't know about the car, but one step at a time. Hence, I figured I deserved s'mores for supper. Just watch it when you nuke the chocolate. It's really runny and I've ruined many a tee shirt with chocolate stains.

Beverage: Assam tea


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