Monday, March 28, 2011

It would take me a month to prepare.

While reading through the blogs to the right, I noted the Craft blog had an article for a pinhole camera. Carole and David are avid photographers. I've linked to and used some of Carole's photos in the blog. I posted the link to the pinhole camera on David's Facebook page and then went back to check some of the other links mentioned.

It turns out there is a Worldwide Pinhole Camera Day upcoming on Sunday, April 24th. It's a day to take your pinhole camera out into the world and take photos with it.

What a novel idea. You take a light-tight container, poke a pin-sized hole in one end, add photo sensitive paper and then expose the paper for a long period of time and see what you get. While I wouldn't make the Hasselblad camera the initial link had, I did find this one.
Now that's the kind of crazy camera I would make. I'm tempted, very tempted to give this idea a try. My photos are documentary in nature. When called upon to do something "arty", I don't do well and I certainly don't have photo processing software on my computer to add or remove things. What I took is what you see, although I do crop photos to make them less memory intensive. 

I have a bit less than a month to consider whether I'll participate in this. Easter Sunday is April 24th. That could lend itself to some interesting photographs. 

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