Thursday, March 3, 2011

Out and About

Yesterday, I had to go to Milwaukee to supervise an installation, to look over a job and to drop off a machine with a client. I don't get out of the office all that much anymore, so it's exciting to be on the road. Yesterday was beautiful, too.

The temperature hovered about 30, but there was no breeze so when you stood in the sunshine, you could feel the advent of spring. 

After Gene and I did the installation and looked at a job near downtown Milwaukee, it was after lunch so we decided to find some place to eat. He grew up in West Allis, a suburb of Milwaukee, so this is his stomping grounds. It's going to help us, a lot, with projects in Milwaukee. 

Gene suggested going to the tavern restaurant voted "Milwaukee's Best Burger", Sobelman's. Sure. It's at 16th and St. Paul in "the Valley" next to the interstate. The parking lot is a huge pain. 
It's on the side of the hill next to the restaurant. I'm not good at figuring out angles but 20 degrees, at least, looks right. In getting out, I simply rolled backwards down to the street. For a place quite popular, finding a place to park was an adventure.

You'd miss the place if you weren't looking for it. 
I'm standing at 2nd floor level.  You enter the place at the lower left. 

It's a typical bar with a restaurant attached. The interior is not all that great, but the men's bathroom, Gene said, had signed jerseys from the local sports teams. The women's bathroom was nicely tiled and decorated and was spacious for a bar. Nice service. We arrived just at the end of lunch hour so it was busy and we had to wait 25 minutes for our food. They try to cram in as many people as possible so getting to our table and then to the bathrooms was an, "Excuse me" fest. We weren't left with a menu but Gene said you come here for burgers.

The hamburgers? They were good. It's a generous burger on a butter-topped bun. It comes with a pickle and fries. The burger is served medium with a slice of swiss cheese on the bottom and cheddar cheese on the top. It is also adorned with a fried tomato and an onion pepper diced combination. Those I dumped off mine. The fries were good too. I added a dollop of ketchup to my burger. 

I prefer the burgers I can get at the local Alfie's Restaurant, just down the street from the office. But, I will remember this place if I need to stop for lunch while in Milwaukee. The problem will be finding it.

Beverage:  English Breakfast tea


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