Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shrove Tuesday

"Shrove" comes from to shrive, which means to obtain absolution for one's sins by confession or penance. According to Wikipedia, the name for today means the day before such would be required of Christians on Ash Wednesday. It's become associated with pancakes because those are made with sugar, fat and eggs, which were traditionally restricted during the Lenten season.

Pancakes. Yes. We'll take a break from eating through the alphabet and make cornmeal pancakes for supper. I was out of frozen pancakes anyway and the meal for the next letter requires cooked brown rice which needed a clean pot which I did yesterday.

Huzzah! Pancakes.

I have to go to the store now. I used up the last of the maple syrup. 

I know what you're thinking. Yes, just an excuse to make pancakes, as if I really need an excuse. 

Beverage:  Orange juice


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