Monday, March 7, 2011

Cleaning Finds

In an effort to set up the sewing machine, I had to do some cleaning of places I've rather ignored. I think we all have them. That spot "over there", the one that no one sees, where the "I'll get around to it" materials are placed. Or it's the spot, again that no one sees, where stuff gets knocked or shoved to or falls over the edge to lodge safely behind or under. Finally, something, like the need to liberate the sewing machine, leads one to clean those areas and, viola, what gems are turned up from the debris. I liken it to an archeological dig.

First off, we have this. Carole gave me this candle, bought when we visited  House on the Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin. I don't remember how long ago that was, it was with a friend of the family. I gave her some money to buy souvenirs and she got me this. It was on the floor, tucked into a corner. Perhaps it is kitschy, but it represents a rather happy time for the two of us.I didn't know it had fallen onto the floor because it's usual place of display isn't at eye level.

Next, we have this. Yes, it is an ordinary storage box. I might have mentioned this in a previous blog post, but I can't remember or find which one it was.

Contained in this box are a lot of old family photos. When I think about illustrating my blog, sometimes a photo of an event from my past comes to the fore. Some of those photos I could not find because I knew I put them into this box. The box had fallen between the cedar chest and a bookshelf, a place I wouldn't have looked. I found it because it was right behind the sewing machine's location. "Oh, there's that box!" I exclaimed to Mija, who was, of course, supervising this cleaning process.

Finally, I have this. Technically, this wasn't "lost". I knew right where it was, I just hadn't moved it. It had to be moved to get to the things under and around it which included the sewing machine.

I didn't buy this. It was purchased by someone else and left at my house. When our relationship ceased to be, it became the only thing I couldn't ship back to him. The cost to ship it would have outweighed its value. But I don't use it. It's in pristine condition. I suppose I could stick it in the basement, but that doesn't get it out of my house. I don't know quite what to do with it. It probably would become someone's best place to sleep in the summer, when the sun streams through the windows. It may have uses I don't see, at the moment. For now, it sits under the table in the office. It's not in the way.

I found a whole bunch of muffin recipes that went into the box where I have recipes I want to try. I found very old magazines, some Christmas cards and old newspaper articles. I found a letter from my mother, dated April 22, 2010. Did I ever write back, I wonder? Probably not as my track record for correspondence is poor.

Tonight, I intend to clear out the magazine rack I have sitting under the table in the office. I was glancing over the things contained in it. I'm fairly certain the catalogs I see are dated 2009. Recycle!

As I was sitting in the office playing WOW last night, the room didn't feel as oppressive as it has in the past. I think it's because I cleaned and I tossed and I organized. Yes, some stuff went on the top of the table and I've been telling myself that simply moving it to a new location is not "dealing with it". But there felt a lightness to the room, a cheer. I swept out a lot of dust and cobwebs in addition to stuff I'll never read or use again. It's a good feeling.

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