Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two Weeks Ago

The view out the bedroom window was much different.

This morning, I saw this, looking out my bedroom window. The past few days have seen quite a bit of melting. Instead of snow being tracked into the house, it's mud. The wonderfully fresh smell, that says spring is coming, has been on the breeze.

I still have the front sidewalk to shovel. I did a bit on Sunday, moving the walk down another 10 feet. I did more tonight, when I got home. I'm still moving a foot of snow and this snow is heavier because it's wet from melting. I know I probably should clear the walk but really, when I'm still shoveling after two weeks, who cares. You can get to the mailbox and the front steps. That's what matters.

I let the girls come outside tonight, to get some fresh air. They didn't like coming out on Sunday, as they got dripped on from the roof. Today, they sniffed the air and sniffed around the front steps but quickly ran inside when a car passed by on the street. That was just enough excitement. They are both sound asleep now. 

There is a rumor we are to get a couple inches of snow on Sunday. That, I can handle. 

Beverage:  Scottish Blend tea


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