Thursday, February 10, 2011

How About Going Back to 1908?

There's some news in the baseball blogosphere this morning. The Dodgers are asking fans to vote on their favorite retro uniform to be worn this season.
These are the choices. Wait? None of them say "LA Dodgers"? Of course not. The team started in Brooklyn and many fans are crying foul over the name being affixed to a team that left a storied history behind in the drive to maximize revenue. (The more things change the more they stay the same, right?) 

Back in 2007, the Dodgers did this and it was received with lukewarm enthusiasm. This year, fans are voting and the uniforms will be worn in conjunction with half-price food nights. Of course it's designed to boost attendance, spur revenues and get people talking about the team. The latter effect, talking about the team, is the intriguing part. 

The Dodgers are calling this "an homage" to the past. I haven't read any sportswriter yet who sees this in the rosy-hued tones the Dodgers management does. The best line is "If they want to honor the past, go back to Brooklyn." Ouch. 

It got me thinking about the Cubs. This idea of wearing 'throwback' uniforms crops up every now and then. I think the Cubs did it several years ago. There is a nostalgia to the old uniforms with the script lettering and small numbers, particularly with clubs such as the Cubs, who have been around for over 100 years. 

It's cute and garners interest but at the prices charged today, the average family can't afford to go to a game. Half-price food and nostalgia uniforms won't get me in the door when the cheapest seat I can get to a mid-week game is $32. Add in train tickets of $20 round trip from my house to the ballpark and food of around $25 and I'm close to $100 for a baseball game. It's not a bargain, 

I tell you what, Cubs, there is one bit of nostalgia that people want to see. Why don't you win, like they did in 1908? 

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