Saturday, February 5, 2011

If I had to...

I could get out.
Yes, that is an opening into the street in the distance. It took about 15 minutes to shovel through to the street. 
It's not really wide enough for the Jeep to go through but, at this point, I don't care. I've made it to the street and that's all that counts. I found today's paper, too, which was quite a surprise as I called them on Thursday and told them not to deliver until Monday, when I felt I would have the driveway open. We'll see if I get the Sunday paper now.

I have a spot shoveled for the recycling can on the north side of the drive and, after an hour and a half, this is all that's left. 
I can finish that in the morning. The clouds of noon time vanished and again, it was a gorgeous day. I probably wouldn't have gone anywhere even with the drive open. 

What I've found interesting as I shovel what the snow plows shoved into the drive is that there are two layers of snow here. You can sort of see it in the above photo. 
The plows did not come by very often during the height of the storm so I think this represents a pause in the plowing. It struck me as almost like an archeological dig. Get below this one line and you're in the Ordovician period, or something. 

The snow is not that hard to carve into chunks, even at the bottom. There is a small line of ice right at the street, but that will melt away once I remove everything above it and expose it to the sunshine. Another nice sleep, as I've been getting, and I'll be completely free by noon. Afternoon can be spend liberating the front steps. 

I'm cracking open my last beer.

Beverage: Long Trail Blackbeary Wheat


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