Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just a Bit of Silliness

Valentines' Day can leave me feeling depressed. I know I'm not alone in feeling depressed on this pseudo-holiday when it's all about treating a "significant other" to something extraordinarily romantic. I gave the cats extra treats when I got home, but it's hard to be alone on this date. I just keep telling myself that being alone with me is better than being alone with someone who doesn't care.

But I like to remember my friends at this time. I didn't have the funds to buy even the 99 cent cards for as many friends as I wanted to send cards to. So I hit on the idea of buying a package of children's valentines and sending those out.

By the time I actually did this, there wasn't a huge selection left. I found some pretty funny ones, however.
They are "3D" Oh boy! Plus, they were on sale. With postage, it cost me 50 cents per valentine this year.

The whole point was to remember friends and family with something completely "me". Yup, I would send silly valentines. I have to try next year to buy my package in early February when there is more of a selection. I really wanted those Valentines with the horrible puns, you know the ones.

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