Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome to November

And you are being ignored.

She's beautiful, even if she didn't want to turn around and pose.

The month has started out very odd. I broke my digital camera on Saturday. I came home from getting my hair cut. While trying to find a suitable spot to pose, I slipped and the camera went flying. It hit the deck with the lens open. Ouch. I couldn't deal with it then because Iowa was on TV and they were at half-time of Iowa's 37 to 6 rout of Michigan State.

After that was over, I ordered pizza and sat down to play the game. My guild and I were involved in a grand event that was an awful lot of fun. It was late when I went to bed.

Sunday morning, I got up and sat down to deal with the pile of stuff to my right. I sent out at least 6 letters and some late birthday cards and found the Target bill I knew I'd received. I keep thinking I have a phone bill to pay but it seems I paid that, although I don't remember doing it. There is enough cash to cover expenses for a small trip I'm planning. Plus, I turned in my time-sheet for last week and that's a nice chunk of change to my account for the drive to Iowa and into the city to look at a job. Plus, I'm in the city for two days this week which includes overtime so there will be something next week, as well.

Thanks to Carole's friend, Niles, I found a new digital camera for a very good price. It was so good, I could do rush handling and over-night shipping and pay less than anything I could find on the shelves. If the email they sent today is true, I'll have the new camera in my hands tomorrow when I get home. My little Nikon was about 6 years old, but it was still a good camera for me. I got something with more bells and whistles and more memory for less money. I'd rather not have to spend that and this may come back to bite me, but I'm taking a small trip and I'd like to have a camera for it.

So now I go home and start the packing process. My house isn't as clean as I would like it to be and that's important to me. Plus, I need some face time with Ms. Diva and her sister.

I could have used that extra hour last Sunday instead of this Sunday.

Beverage: Irish Breakfast tea


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