Sunday, November 28, 2010

28 on the 28th

Today is Carole's "Golden Birthday". I didn't know about this moniker until I was talking with a friend this week. Your "Golden Birthday" is the day you and the date are the same number.

It's been quite a year for her. She got engaged in January, broke that off in March, moved from Seattle to Connecticut in May, promoted to supervisor of the jewelry department at the Penney's where she works in June and engaged and married in October. Today, she's spending the day at the Bills-Steelers football game in Buffalo where she and David have friends. That's a good way to spend your golden birthday, bundled up against the cold in Buffalo, New York. I forgot to ask, when I talked to her this morning, if she'd brought a hat. "You might find us, mom. We're in the end zone and I'll be wearing my red coat."

Happy birthday, sweetie. I hope year 28 isn't quite as stressful as year 27 was but I hope it's just as exciting.

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