Friday, November 12, 2010

Relative size

I had to go to Milwaukee today to do a training session for a company that purchased brand new equipment. Charge up both the cell phone AND the camera and I'm good to go. The camera does not take AA batteries as my last digital camera did. There's a plug in the bottom that charges the unit from a standard outlet. I have both the phone and camera chargers in the kitchen. If I remember to charge them at the same time, I'll remember to grab them at the same time, she says, optimistically.

Anyway, I thought I would show off the size of my new phone once I got back to the office. It's really roughly the size of my cell phone so it fits in my coat pocket, my jeans pocket and the center section of my purse without being bulky. I found the wrist strap in the bottom of the box last night so I need to attach that. Then, I can carry it around without worrying that I'll drop it somewhere. The USB download cable for my Nikon worked perfectly with this camera so I just plug it in and turn it on and iPhoto does the rest. The last 2 days of posts have used pictures I took with the new phone. Although the kids prefer Nikon, I am really liking this camera. It was a great purchase for me.

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