Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sights along the way, #2

This is a pretty ubiquitous sight along any of Chicagoland's interstates or major arterials. Now that we can participate (everyone say, "ooooh") in the PowerBall drawings, the marquee has both MegaMillions and PowerBall totals listed. At one point, several years ago, the office played as a group. We did this for 5 months. You didn't have to play once a week. It was kind of fun.

But, that ended after I won three weeks in a row. My "power ball", or whatever it's called in MegaMillions, the randomly drawn ball at the end, won. I want to say it was worth $5. The boss, who was buying the tickets, initially plowed my earnings back into playing. But winning 3 weeks in a row left a rather sour taste in his mouth as I am, at best, a very occasional player. He paid me off and quit buying tickets.

When I see the giant numbers that sometimes happen with rollovers, I think about what I could do with the money. I have grand plans to end hunger and clothe the naked, but first you have to win. Winning means I have to play. Playing means I have to have a whole dollar I can, essentially, toss out the window. You mean they don't just walk up to you and hand you a check for 12 million dollars?

So, I pass the billboards advertising riches and chuckle. If I have an extra dollar, it doesn't go to the lottery. It goes where I can really use it.

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