Thursday, May 6, 2010

Size is relative

Carole's been visiting as she moves from Seattle to Connecticut. Of course, that means Faux is back in the home where he grew up. It's been rather "interesting" as we mediate hissing and growling between 3 grown cats of the same age. They figured out territories quite fast. By Tuesday, when the door to the bedroom where Faux was being isolated, blew open while we were gone, they had decided where each would go to avoid the other.

It just so happened that Wednesday night, this opportunity presented itself. Pilchard's head is smaller than Faux's. She's also a bit smaller in body size although she's a couple pounds heavier than him.
If Carole had to leave him, I could make this work. They have not gone at each other with claws or teeth bared. Faux is a bit confused because the room where he lived is not as it was when he left and the house certainly doesn't smell of the cats he remembers. But we are very pleased with how well the visit went.

Beverage: Dr. Pepper


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