Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gray watch - months gone by

Carole took this when we went to Brookfield Zoo on May 6th. This is in the penguin house. There was this sign that said "Waves in Action" or something like that. That's David, Carole's boyfriend, on the left there. In front of us is this window. We are looking up at the top of the rock not visible. Above us is another window so you are in an alcove. You hear the sound of water and then this wave crashes over the rocks above your head and sends a cascade of water onto the window above you. It's as if you were under the wave. It all happens so fast, you're quite startled. Both of us jumped back while Carole and her friend, Matt Kane, who was watching, roared with laughter.

You can see kind of how long my hair is and that if I got it cut in the same hairdo I've had for years, all that tan still visible would be gone. I'm not liking, too much, the hair on my neck as summer approaches. It does look really nice when I take time to dry it. There is a natural curl to my hair but it has to reach the length it is now for that to be visible.

I'm thinking of trying to tweeze a hair cut out of this paycheck but I really need to investigate short hair styles. I'm tired of the one I've had for the last 4 years. But I don't want something I have to blow dry and style before going out the door.

With a long weekend upcoming, I should have time to look for hair styles.

Beverage: China Black tea



  1. How about a pink or purple tinged mohawk? That keeps the hair off your neck and you will look braver than Brave™ :)

    something like this maybe

  2. How about a 'fro? That would look good for you. :-)