Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Makes you think.

I like to follow the oddball link that sometimes comes up in my Internet travels. Today's link was in Yahoo's Personal Finance section. I know, for some of you, it will come as a shock that I actually read financial sites. Since the melt-down in October, I have read more financial information than all my years on this earth prior. Yes, all this information has caused the decimal place to fluctuate from the sheer volume of opinion and advise out there, but I can say that I'm more educated than I have ever been.

Which lead me to this little gem.

"How Rich Are You"? This article profiled a little widget that takes all known salaries of everyone on the earth, adds yours and comes out with a graphic that shows you where you fall in the richest category. Yes, most of us could stand to have a few more pennies, but this really opens your eyes when you see where you rank, even at your current salary.

I'm the 86,086,957 richest person on earth!

Discover how rich you are! >>

Try it.

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