Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ooooh! Look what I found!

I'm cleaning the house in anticipation of Carole coming through on Monday evening. As I pointed out in another post, the basic idea of cleaning usually leads to more cleaning and other branch activities. I was behind in the newspapers. If I'm cleaning, I might as well read them all before I recycle them. I shredded all those papers, some dating back to 1989. And I am assessing every item I have. Shall I keep it?

It has always been a running joke that buying cats the toy mice means the mouse will be de-tailed and will then disappear. We probably purchased 100's of mice over the last 24 years of cats allowing us to live with them. Sometimes, as when you move a large piece of furniture, you find a collection of 4 or 5 who were chased there and proved to be unreachable. I was dusting and found a collection of a dozen inside the Jewel Tea pitcher I have sitting on top of my secretary. I guess, in the past, I collected a bunch and tossed them in the pitcher to always know where they were. Um...yeah.

So, I dumped them on the table next to the BBC (big black cat).

She was actually rather amused. She chased a few of them off the table but most still sit where I dropped them. I'm collecting all the toys to put in the box they like.

I had a mouse still hidden.
Jessie and I went to Target in the winter and I got a package of these. They are catnip infused and the gals just loved the two I let them have. No, I don't know where those went. I'm thinking I might find them as I continue to clean.

I remember, as I was making this purchase, the woman behind me noticed them and blurted out, "Oh my, are those real?" The clerk looked at me and the two of us started laughing. The poor woman realized, immediately, what she had said and then said, "No no. What I meant to say was, 'Do your cats think they're real?'" It didn't matter. We were all laughing at the image of a three pack of live mice hanging on a rack at Target. Very, very Gary Larson-ish.

I tossed the card onto the floor and the ladies had some fun with it.

When they got bored with it, I put it away. We have enough toys so I can save this for another day.

Beverage: China Black tea


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