Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm home.

I went to Iowa this week for the Iowa Limestone Producers Association's annual convention. It's always a fun time and I think we made some good contacts for my company and for business in Iowa.

I was worried about leaving because this is the first time in 6 months, that the ladies would be left alone. Plus, the furnace had been acting up very erratically since that one Monday when it cut out and didn't come back on until I turned it back on. Pam would feed the girls and I showed her how to reset the furnace and drove away Tuesday morning feeling more than a little worried.

It went wonderfully.

Mija would be in the hallway when Pam came to feed them. She would keep her distance, but she would show up to see what Pam was doing. Pilchard never came willingly until Pam stuck her head in the office, where Pilchard always seemed to be, and said, "Hi". Then she would come out and watch.

The furnace never seemed to act up. It's just weird. I think it will be fine now and I'll be able to save money to have it thoroughly cleaned and checked in May.

There were no surprises for me when I got home and I anticipated Pilchard might be mad and leave me something. Mija came running when I called out, "I'm home ladies! Mija? Pilchard? Mom's home!" Pilchard was sitting on the table in the office. Once I came in and scratched ears, she's followed me around. In fact, we have done several rounds of "hold me" and she's happily ensconced in the chair next to me, occasionally asking for an ear scratch. Mija has been chasing toys about the living room or sitting in the sunshine on the window sill or snoozing in the hallway. She comes in for an ear scratch on occasion, but both seem very happy I am home.

This bodes well for a longer stay at some point. I'm anxious to see if they will both come sleep with me tonight. I missed that most of all, the sound of a purring cat in the morning.

I had a great trip and I'm very happy to get home.

Beverage: Mr. Pibb


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