Thursday, February 4, 2010

Remember blue?

Do you remember when foodstuffs were all going blue? It was the 'hip' color for everything from soda to jello.

I'm working through all the gelatin in the cupboard. It seems a shame to toss it out as the packages are sealed tightly. I got to blue yesterday.

There was some nostalgia when I pulled this box out. Blue was everywhere. I liked the blue raspberry Slurpees we used to get at the 7-11 down the street, when 7-11 was still there. You'll still see blue raspberry but it's not everywhere as it used to be and the definition of "blue raspberry" varies widely.

I made up the jello and let it sit overnight. It was part of my lunch today. Yup, that's blue alright. It didn't really taste like anything other than gelatin with maybe a hint of cherry. It wasn't a dynamic new flavor. It was just colored blue gelatin to which some sweetner had been added. I think that's why the craze died out.

Beyond the fact that this was just a craze and, as such, would die out on its own, there wasn't a new flavor associated with blue. We already have blueberries. Raspberries have their distinctive flavor. This was just coloring added to some mix of apple, pear and raspberry juices. It's blue, all right, but that's all it is.

I have 2 boxes of lemon and one of lime left. By mid-month, I'll be done and will have opened up more space in the cupboard.

Wasn't the tag line for Jello, "There's always room for Jello"? There probably is, but maybe not in my cupboard anymore.

Beverage: China Black tea


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